1 filmyzilla is the premiere online destination for movie enthusiasts, providing the latest news and information on casting and development, release dates, trailers, interviews and clips, full movies and more. 1 filmyzilla keeps users connected to all their favorites, past, present and future. As a top social entertainment network, 1 filmyzilla is revolutionizing the way you discover, watch and discuss the movies you love.

Online since 1995, 1 filmyzilla was one of the first movie sites to appear on the web. Covering the industry from our teams in NY, LA, and beyond, 1 filmyzilla continues to be one of the most trusted destinations for the connected generation. 

1 filmyzilla team of editorial contributors obsessively covers movies, television, streaming and pop culture from locations around the globe, delivering the best coverage, news and insight. Our contributors are as diverse as their locations: passionate movie and TV fans, expert analysts, students of film and television, writers, video producers and more. Contributors have included famous screenwriters, well known television hosts and many others – united by their love of entertainment. 1 filmyzilla opens its pages to highly engaged contributors – allowing them to share their unique insights, analysis and opinion across its platforms.

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