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Ganapath Movie: Bollywood’s latest science fiction action film, “Ganapath,” starring Tiger Shroff and directed by Vikas Bahl, was released on December 23, 2022, amid high anticipation. Regrettably, it fell short of the expectations generated by the initial excitement.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of this high-budget film and identify the specific areas where it failed to meet expectations.

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What is “Ganapath”? Unraveling the Story

In the world of Ganapath, the unfolding narrative takes place in a future that appears bleak. The population is divided into two distinct groups—the affluent Ameers and the striving Gareebs.

The place is messy, full of crime, and the Ameers are taking advantage of the Gareebs.
There’s this idea of a hero named Ganapath who’s supposed to come and free the Gareebs, which sounds exciting, but the backstory is a bit lacking. We don’t get much info on how this world ended up this way.

The dichotomy between the rich Ameers and the struggling Gareebs in Ganapath seems overly simplistic and somewhat predictable. With a more intricate world-building effort, the movie had the potential to create a more immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

Characterization and Performances of Ganapath Movie:

In Ganapath, Tiger Shroff assumes the central role of Guddu, the prophesied Ganapath, presenting a visually striking appearance with stylish attire and a formidable physique.

However, beneath the surface of the impressive combat sequences and cool moves, Guddu’s character feels somewhat one-dimensional. The narrative falls short in providing insight into what motivates him, his backstory, or any meaningful personal growth. While Tiger Shroff delivers a committed performance, the character lacks depth due to limitations in the writing.

Kriti Sanon, portraying Guddu’s love interest Alia, gives her best effort, but her role primarily revolves around being the hero’s romantic partner. Amitabh Bachchan brings a serious tone to his portrayal of the Gareeb leader, yet the character lacks substantial development.

The antagonists, led by Jameel Khan, come across as overly exaggerated and cartoonish. Overall, Ganapath fails to fully utilize its talented cast as the characters suffer from a lack of depth and progression in the storyline.

Ganapath Movie Screenshots:

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Story, Screenplay, and Direction of Ganapath Movie:

Here we have shared some information about Story, Screenplay, and Direction of Ganapath Movie.

Ganapath: A Story That Falls Into the Predictable Trap

  • The plot of Ganapath adheres to a well-trodden path, incorporating all the anticipated elements such as prophecy, the chosen one, romance, music, dance, and the timeless clash between good and evil.
  • As Guddu, the central character, transitions from a carefree playboy to a savior, the narrative unfolds in a rather predictable manner. The journey lacks unexpected twists or standout moments that would add an element of suspense or intrigue.
  • The storyline is notably deficient in clever plot twists, and the unfolding events appear to occur without a deeper purpose, contributing to a sense of shallowness and disjointedness within the narrative.

Directorial Missteps by Vikas Bahl:

  • Director Vikas Bahl faces challenges in infusing vitality into the lackluster script of Ganapath. The world he constructs lacks intricate details, giving it a somewhat artificial and staged feel.
  • While the intention behind the action scenes is to be impressive, they end up appearing overly computer-generated, losing the authenticity and allure of genuine stunts.
  • The film’s tone seems inconsistent, with humor that feels out of sync, disrupting the intended serious atmosphere. The pacing of the story is sluggish, and the climax feels hurried, leaving the audience yearning for a more satisfying resolution.
  • Despite his promising track record with previous works like Queen, Bahl’s direction in Ganapath disappointingly falls short, showcasing a regression in his directorial skills.

Technical Aspects – VFX, Cinematography, Music of Ganapath Movie:

Despite the anticipation surrounding Ganapath’s touted advanced visual effects (VFX), the execution falls below expectations. The VFX and green screen work give off a cartoonish vibe, appearing outdated and not meeting industry standards. Whether depicting the futuristic city or the action sequences, the promised finesse in VFX is lacking, and the integration of real and computer-generated images appears rushed.

Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti’s cinematography captures some decent shots, but the promised gritty atmosphere of the world seems to be absent. The lighting frequently appears artificial, and the action scenes could have benefited from better framing and editing.

Amit Trivedi’s music fails to make a significant impact; it comes across as generic and easily forgettable. The songs, awkwardly inserted into the storyline, contribute little, and the background score falls short in building tension during the action sequences. The technical aspects, mirroring the script, appear to be handled without the enthusiasm needed to elevate the overall cinematic experience.

Themes and Message of Ganapath Movie:

  • In its attempt to portray the narrative of the underdog standing up against powerful oppressors, Ganapath simplifies complex ideas related to society and politics in a rather basic manner.
  • The portrayal of the rich-poor divide adopts a simplistic good-versus-bad narrative without delving into the nuances that could add depth. Guddu’s transformation from a carefree individual to a leader challenging the system lacks the serious and emotional resonance required for a more impactful portrayal.
  • The inspirational speeches intended to motivate the audience come across as cheesy, and the film’s effort to convey a strong message feels forced, diminishing its intended impact along the way. Ganapath struggles to provide the depth and authenticity needed to effectively address the societal and political themes it aims to explore.

The Action and Choreography of Ganapath Movie

Here’s The Action and Choreography of Ganapath Movie.

Tiger Shroff’s Action Charm in Ganapath: Hits and Misses

  • In the realm of Tiger Shroff movies, the primary allure is consistently the action sequences, and Ganapath doesn’t disappoint in that aspect.
  • Tiger’s adept execution of cool, parkour-style moves is exhilarating to watch, particularly in close combat scenes that are well-choreographed and precise. The final fight stands out as a memorable moment.
  • However, some of the major action sequences, such as bike chases and gladiator-style combat, feel a bit clunky and lack the desired smoothness. The extensive use of visual effects detracts from the overall choreography.
  • While the film’s action remains a notable strength, it falls short of fully compensating for the other issues present in the overall cinematic experience.

How does the visual style of Ganapath compare to comic books and video games?

Ganapath takes inspiration from comic books and video games in its dystopian setting, hyper-stylistic action, and attempts to mimic video game perspectives. However, some viewers find the execution lacking in achieving the slick and immersive feel associated with these mediums.

What is the standout feature of Tiger Shroff’s performance in Ganapath?

Tiger Shroff’s action sequences, featuring his trademark athletic and parkour-inspired moves, stand out in Ganapath. The close combat scenes are particularly well-executed, showcasing his skills in a sharp manner.

Does Ganapath successfully balance a gritty, realistic tone with comic book sensibilities?

Ganapath struggles to find a seamless balance between a gritty, realistic tone and the playful sensibilities of comic books. The execution seems caught between these two approaches, impacting the overall cohesiveness of the film.

How does Ganapath utilize visual effects in its action scenes?

While Ganapath aims for visually striking action scenes, some viewers find that the use of visual effects, especially in major set pieces like bike chases and gladiator-style combat, falls short. The amateurish VFX can distract from the choreography and fail to create an immersive gameplay experience akin to video games.


Ganapath endeavors to blend the vibes of comic books and video games, but it grapples with finding the right balance. Although Tiger Shroff’s action sequences stand out, the film’s execution lacks the polish necessary for a smooth fusion of gritty realism and playful aesthetics.

The effort to replicate video game experiences falls short, primarily due to subpar visual effects. While Ganapath incorporates elements from these dynamic genres, it fails to capture their essence fully, resulting in a combination that doesn’t quite resonate with the audience as intended.

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